What is Digital Signage?

What is Digital Signage?

Display your Promotion, Advertisements, Marketing and Communication to your specific target in the brightest and highest quality format via Digital Video, Stills and Audio as opposed to posters and printed formats. This is a real-time information exchange, convenient and time managed.

Integration with Wi-Fi allows you to manage any number of Display units all from one location.   Suited to any size business, from one Shopfront to Multi-national organisations.  Multiple units are managed utilising Wi-Fi technology and single units can be individually managed via USB/Memory cards.

Content displayed can be changed at any time and you are able to group your advertisements to target specific areas, customer demographics, employees or stores locations 

Digital Signage is the ultimate form of advertising!

Content can be displayed in Portrait or Landscape orientations relative to the displays purchased. Centrally managed from any location.

Why Digital Signage?

The technology is incredibly versatile, in that content can be managed in real time over multiple  locations from one workstation. Utilising Digital quality LCD displays that can have content tailored individually or in groups. The ability to run still shots and Video and Audio content is a highly effective marketing tool.