LA cafe freshens up complex menu with digital signage

It can be overwhelming entering a cafeteria at a university or event and seeing so many options ranging from chicken nuggets to vegetarian chilli. Many guests simply throw together various items and hope they fit well together. There is a major lack of guidance in cafeterias when it comes to food selection. One Los Angeles fast casual restaurant called Lemonade, aimed to create a unique cafeteria experience, which could guide customers through its menu. Lemonade has a large colorful menu with many healthy options, so many customers opted for side dishes instead of crafting full meals with complimentary items. In order to solve the menu navigation dilemma many cafes face, Lemonade partnered with Embed Digital to craft a fresh digital signage experience, according to a case study. The restaurant's menu often changed multiple times a year. By deploying menu boards, the restaurant was able to easily update content in real time. The boards not only showcase the various items, but they also guide customers through the ordering process, showing them how to craft true cafeteria style meals. The menu boards have also proved to be a wise move from an operational cost perspective. "An important part of a successful fast casual restaurant is effective wayfinding to assist customers in 'navigating the line'," Mike Sisco, CEO of Embed Digital, said in the case study. "Our solution was to place a digital menu board above each station that clearly indicates the food group section with the corresponding items below, making it easier for customers to navigate their way to their desired counter and make their selections." The menu boards displayed multiple different ideas for food pairings that customers would not have normally thought of, such as entrée salads, Ahi tuna dishes and toasted sandwiches. This in turn has enabled guided customer creativity while decreasing wait and decision-making time.